The 220S is currently undergoing an all-inclusive electrical and mechanical rebuild in preparation for the expected 90,000 miles (~140,000km) journey.Mercedes for Blog 3

 Water Blasting Prior to Underbody Painting

 The car’s drive train, rear axle, suspension, steering and engine are being restored to as-new condition. Every bearing, bush, spring and rubber part is being replaced and all critical parts are being crack-tested.

Mercedes at Collier

Engine Overhaul at Collier Motor Engineers in Levin

The electrical system will be enhanced to accommodate the increased demand on the car from the tent-trailer. Those modifications will also help deal with extreme weather conditions, by way of cooling fans, fog lights, rear-window heaters and additional insulation.

Mercedes Engine Bay

                 Empty engine bay awaiting the reconditioned engine





Proud Owner of New Rims

Proud owner of nine 50-Year old, original 14″ Mercedes wheel rims that were purchased in Holland to replace the 13″ Rims of the car and to be fitted to the Zambezi tent-trailer




Kumho Tyres


New Kumho 857 light-commercial truck tyres ready for fitting



A comprehensive list of required tools and critical spares to be carried has been compiled.